Fitness Centres in Taiwan


Not sure if I’m searching incorrectly or if just no one knows but can anyone recommend a gym in Xizhi?


I am looking for a high end gym with a circular track and swimming pool. Something like the Gold’s Gym where I live, with all the proper machines, dumbbells, etc.

Do you guys know any gym with an indoor circular track? How much should I plan on spending for something like this. Pool is not necessary but would be fun to have on a hot day outside.


Thanks For the post reference the Gym. My family and I will be visiting soon and it would be nice to have a place to workout.

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Anyone knows a any gym that doesn’t play dancing music music with dimmed light in S. district in Taichung city? I know the Chung Hsing University has one open to the public, but its hours are really bad.


Try Central Power Gym in Taichung Beitun.
No fancy music etc just machines and free weights


where can i find those sports centers that only charge 50NT an hour?


I’ve been a member of 3 gyms in Taiwan in the last 7 years (California, Alexander, and now True)

There are a few things at True that I don’t like, but overall my experience has been great, far better than any others and also a lot better than the community centers. As of now there is just the 1 location for weightlifting at Guting station, but they have plans to build a 2nd gym below the True Yoga at the City Hall Station.

I’ve also noticed a massive influx of foreigners in the last 3-4 months, especially younger guys in their early 20’s. The price was reasonable when I joined years ago and I think due to all the recent interest from the younger foreigner crowd it’s quite possible their prices have come down even more.

It’s a pretty big gym with every machine you’d ever need, all the free weights and dumbbells (up to 120’s) and a bunch of cardio machines. Of course there are classes as well if that’s your thing.

If the location is convenient for you I’d say it’s the best gym in the city.


I’m also looking for some facilities in Taipei.
I’ve heard great things about Formosa Fitness, and plan on going this week.

But I’m also looking for a boxing gym, MMA gym, and Olympic weightlifting gym. Does anyone know anything about these 3?


Hi, does anyone know of any cross fit gyms in Kaohsiung? I’ve signed up at Fitness Factory out of desperation. Still sore from long hiatus :confused:


[color=#0000BF]Hey. I live in ZhongHe and am looking for a mixed martial arts gym. I’ve found a couple of places…but they charge by individual classes/month and you can’t try anything else without paying for it separately. Is there some place where you can pay a monthly fee and be free to take all of the classes they offer? Similar to a regular gym membership, I guess. [/color]


i am interest also


[quote=“bigmoose”]Try Central Power Gym in Taichung Beitun.
No fancy music etc just machines and free weights[/quote]

I tried to check this gym out but it appears to have closed. Their sign was outside but the building was empty.


I’m looking for a gym close to NTNU (closest station is Guting)
I tried True fitness but they offer minimum 6 month membership and I’m only here for summer
Formosa fitness looks very nice but almost as expensive as my rent … .
Any alternative? Thanks


I tried to check this gym out but it appears to have closed. Their sign was outside but the building was empty

They changed 04-22922406


Thanks bigmoose - I just found it yesterday. If anyone is looking for it in Taichung, it’s located on Shenyang Rd now near the Rehe Rd intersection.


Umm…you pay NT1000 a month in rent? Not sure what else to say about this. I think our prices are pretty reasonable. Our members apparently think so, too.


Can anyone recommend a good gym and/or yoga studio in Changhua city?


I’m also interested in trying out cross fit. someone told me there is a gym that does it in Guting, though I can’t find it online…does anybody know?


That would likely be us. We aren’t Crossfit but some people do WODs at our gym on their own because we have all the equipment. Others join our classes for our own brand of functional fitness. So we have classes, privates, and open gym available. You should really come by some time and check us out. We aren’t like any other gym in Taiwan. Open hours are 7am-9pm M-F and 10am-4pm Sat-Sun. Hope to see you soon.


Hi! Wife and I will be in Taipei near the end of the year to visit her parents. We are looking for a “nicer” gym that has free weights, dumbells (up to 100-110 lbs), and benches for me and an area for her to practice Zumba. If there are Zumba classes, then that will be a plus.

We are used to a larger gym like those we have in the States and prefer something similar. Not sure what part of Taipei we’ll be in (need to find out from her). Heard of World Gym but also read mixed reviews.

Thanks! :thumbsup: