Fitness Centres in Taiwan


I will be an exchange student in NCU next year (in Zhongli), is there a lifting club there, or a gym, or somewhere I can deadlift?


There’s a new fitness club, O3 Fitness, which may be able to help. They have a facebook page, so you should be able to google them. Located near Daan park. I know they have Taiwan’s first Cross Fit classes and some guys focused on serious lifting. In general it doesn’t seem like Taiwan’s got much else. The World Gyms are disgusting and the trainers don’t seem to have a clue.


I can second that opinion - O3 is the new, best thing in Taiwan fitness. First Crossfit gym in Taiwan. The classes are great andtrainers actually know what they are doing - unlike the rest of the island.


O3 Fitness near Daan Park in Taipei does Cross Fit classes.


Disregard my previous post, it turn out I’ll be in NTU.

Has anyone ever use the NTU gym? What do you think of it ?


@New111, I have, but it was back in summer 2007. It’s decently sized, with quite a bit of aerobic equipment but few weights. If I remember correctly, it also has a pool.


Hi, i am looking for a personal trainer for 3 sessions per week. I live in xinyi area. Anyone available please?


Hi, i am looking for a personal trainer for 3 sessions per week. I live in xinyi area. Anyone available please?


Any good gyms in Jiayi where folks are serious about training?


Anyone join Fitness Factory in Xinyi or SanChong?

What kind of memberships (prices) were you able to negotiate there?

Thanks in advance.


I’ve been going to Fitness Factory in Xinyi for the past 2 years.
First year was about NT22,000 and the 2nd year was around NT15,000. A lil bit more expensive, but its a clean facility and not filled with a lot douche bags.


As a Taida exchange student, I had a discount and bought 1 year entry to the Taida gym for 1350 NTD (yes).

A few comments:

Opened everyday, 6am-10pm during weekdays (9-10 saturday, 9-6 sunday)
Crowded, even at 7am, unusable during peak hour 5pm-7pm
There are tons of machines, I don’t even know what they do. also many cardio machines. However for the free weight section, there is only 1 power cage and 2 olympics bar, the benches are too thin, a few problems like that. Plenty of dumbbells tho.
mostly skinny guys in the morning, a couple of look-at-me sleeveless guys but good ambiance I think, I asked a few people to spot me or how long until they were done with equipment etc, no problems


how much is fitness factory? I’m only in Taipei for about 40 days, do they give out monthly memberships? Thanks.


how much is o3 approximately? i can’t find anything on the website. thank you!


So I was rudely told I am not a “local area resident” despite having an apartment nearby to World Gym Taipei. The kicker is I was offered free 14 day membership there with my girlfriend a week ago, and I put it off til now. I am a New Zealander and actually felt like they were flirting with my gf, I don’t speak Chinese. Today I was told flatly I don’t qualify but I wanted the T&C to complain and yet no other means to address this dispute was provided. The guy actually went apeshit when I tried to leave with T&C and contract and pushed and shoved me and tried to get the cops involved. I extricated myself from the situation with the help of his supervisor, and leaving the contract (but not terms and conditions) with the supervisor. Taking the contract was an oversight but actually the guy was already being heavy handed on the table and I had to snatch the terms and conditions from under his hand when I went to leave!


People who are tired of the shenanigans are invited to come check us out. We pull people from all over Taipei and beyond because of the crazy stuff in the mainstream gyms. We have daily and even monthly memberships plus our contract is in English and Chinese so you can understand everything. And we’ll give you a copy to take home if you want before you sign. Finally, we give NO DISCOUNTS of any kind so everyone pays the same rate. I can’t imagine there being a “local area resident” rate but then that is how crazy things are here. We aren’t for everyone and we’re heavily biased towards strength training but anyone tired of the crap should consider paying us a visit. Thanks.


That’s possible only in Taiwan.
Why shouldn’t you be allowed to take the contract home for reviewing.
I always take a contract home and sign it a day later, when necessary, I take it to a professional and have him her take a look at it before signing.

These people are clowns and scumbags!


I used to go to Formosa Fitness, its the most up front gym I’ve been to here. Nothing at all was hidden or found out later.


Glad you didn’t see the key hidden under the flower pot. :slight_smile:


Sometimes I think all these so called horror stories in joining the main gyms in Taiwan must at some level be more about people not knowing how to handle themselves in those situations. Of course in the beginning they have rules and you’ll be told you can’t do this, can’t do that, but you just tell them in a polite but stern way, that’s not how I’m going to do it. Handle it with maturity and they will accommodate anything you want, it’s a business after all. I got the contract, the terms, the prices that I wanted, not what they told me. Large full service gyms are great places to workout. Even if you had to put up with an hour of uncomfortable negotiating (and it really doesn’t have to be that hard at all) in the end it’s worth it to get a nice place to workout. I’d recommend World Gym to anyone, or Fitness Factory, or True Fitness. I’ve been a member of all of them and they are all nice places to work out at.