Fitness Supplements

I am looking for a place to purchase fitness supplements specifically for toning (body fat loss)…I work out and eat well, just not seeing the results I want…I want to decrease my body fat percentage…tone up!

Where can I buy supplements (not protein powder)…???

Unless you’re looking for amphetamines and suchlike (in which case, go see a doctor - they’ll prescribe anything), supplements are a waste of money. Do Atkins. It works.

What kind of supplements are you after?

a mix of egcg and caffeine is the best legal weight loss supplement
semi-legal is ephedrine, don’t know if it’s banned in taiwan

by far the easiest way to lose weight is to not eat so much, find something better to do.

The question is how to lose body fat, not weight. Simply eating less will make you lose weight, but won’t help much with toning and losing body fat.

simply eating less will make you lose body fat. in fact, you can survive a long time without food as long as you get sufficient water and vitamins-- there was an experiment where they gave an obese guy nothing to eat and just gave him water and minerals and he was fine. you’ll definitely lose muscle at the same time though, but most of you don’t have much muscle so it doesn’t matter. if you’re just a regular fat guy just eat less. if you don’t want to lose muscle and still want to lose weight just figure out your how many calories you need to eat a day and eat around 300 calories below that
eat at least a serving of protein at every meal, don’t eat a ton of carbs at once, and never eat transfats. don’t drink your calories. what you think “full” is is very variable and can be EASILY changed.

that’s basically it.

What works for me are fruit, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds and lean meat.

+1 to whole grains, brown rice, lentils, chick peas, fresh veg, nuts, seeds, fresh fruit (not juices), yoghurt, good dark chocolate.
Go very easy on bread, white rice, standard pasta.

Do not eat anything with High Fructose/Maltose Corn Syrup. That includes Nature Valley bars :noway:.

Errmm…despite a promising beginning, somewhere in this thread, the original gist of the question seems mislaid.

WCIF (where can I find) a good store in the Taipei area to purchase nutritional supplements?

Specifically, all I need are a few bottles of Vitamin C capsules (1000 mg each), preferably with Rosehips (whatever those are) for me mum.

Does Taipei have some equivalent to GNC or the like? Would I be better served going to Watson’s?

Taipei has GNC stores. They are ridiculously expensive though.

That’ll work though, for my purposes. Just googled the nearest location to me. Cheers!

The first stop should be Costco. They won’t have everything but you’ll probably get 4x for the same cost.

I’ve only seen investors in GNC stores, never seen a single customer. GNC is expensive in the U.S. and even more expensive in Taiwan. They’ve taken premium pricing and premium positioning too far.