Fitness Tips Exchange for the Over 30 Crowd

I used to play badminton 3 times a week but quit in August 2002 when my brother visited and than a friend came from Hong Kong. Finally after all the visits I didn’t feel like going anymore.

I started playing again in August very slowly building-up strength and stamina. Meanwhile I started hiking, stationary bike and working with weights on my bench. Recently started jumping rope too (100 jumps at about 120 jumps /min, rest 1 min., 100 jumps … for 20 to 30 minutes)

Well, I went from jeans size 40 to 35 in about 6 months. Shirt size XL to M and so on.

Play badminton 3 times a week for 2-3 hours.

Weather permitting I do tuff hikes in the local mountains (3-5 hours).

Stationary bike 30 minutes a few times a week.

Weights I go more for repititions than weight.

My resting heart beat is 44-48 beats/min. O yeah, I’m 44 BTW.

Looking into starting inline skating again as soon as the weather starts improving, from Tucheng to Taipei along the river.

My diet:


1 slice whole wheat bread with olive oil, tomato paste and cheese. Small bowl muesli and cornflakes with skim milk in the morning. Green tea.

Snack 10:00 AM:

1 cup of coffee and 10 grams of dark chocolate and whole wheat cookie. Fruit.


Whole wheat sandwich with olive oli, tomato paste and cheese. Some veggies.

Snack 3:00 PM:

green tea, whole wheat cookies and/or 10 grams of dark chocolate or yogurt.

Dinner, supper:

From the local restaurant, a lot of veggies (mixing many kind), tofu with a little fish or meat (preferably chicken breast, no skin), a little brown rice or mixed grains.

After badminton 9:00 PM:


I drink mostly water during the day. Once in a while a couple of beers or red wine. I don’t smoke, I used to though, one pack or more a day, but I quit 22 years ago

I’m also taking supplements, multivitamines and minerals, brewers yeast and lecithine.

Anyway, it works for me, lost a lot of fat already and am still going.

I didn’t check my BMI lately, so don’t know it.

My sister has lost about 50lbs. after giving birth in June. She said 45 minutes on a treadmill for five days a week did the trick for her.[/quote]

Thanks, Flicka. I’ve taken off 30 lbs in the last six months and I’m happy where I am with my weight, but it’s the flab that is at my waistline, abdomen and hips that bugs me. Someone once told me that it takes an awful lot of sit-ups to tone up the abdomen. I think I’ve just about given up on the hips, but I sure would like to do something about the tummy.