Five former U.S. state secretaries urge Iran talks

Remember McCain calling Obama’s desire to hold dialog with Iranian leaders “absurd” and claiming, during the GOP convention, that he’d been ‘right on Iran’? Well, turns out some people far more qualified than him on the topic think he’s full of shit:

Five former U.S. state secretaries urge Iran talks

[quote]Five former U.S. secretaries of state said on Monday the next American administration should talk to Iran, a foe President George W. Bush has generally shunned as part of an “axis of evil.”

Engaging Iran is important because Washington’s military options against Tehran are unsatisfactory, said the diplomats, who worked for Republican and Democratic administrations.

The five – Colin Powell, Madeleine Albright, Warren Christopher, James Baker and Henry Kissinger – all said they favored talking to Iran as part of a strategy to stop Tehran’s development of a nuclear weapons program.

“Frankly the military options here are very poor. We don’t want to go down that route,” said Christopher, who worked for former President Bill Clinton from 1993 to 1997.[/quote]

What balderdash! These so-called “secretaries” are being talked to by the press? Why is the liberal media spending time on the f*cking steno pool? What next, interviews with airline stewies?

These morons don’t have the balls to go in and make untenable military options work through Sheer Tenacity. It takes True Patriotic Willpower to send in American troops against all odds, and it is clear that these "secretaries"Don’t know the first thing about ensuring True American Hegemony.

oops… i think Sarah Palin has somehow hypnotised me into writing that.