Five year visa


A friend of mine said that a few years ago she was able to make arrangements outside of Taiwan to receive a five year visa. (It is kind of like those “student visas,” which need to be renewed every so often for a total of five years. In this case, provided that you leave Taiwan every two months).

What she had to show her local Taiwan representative office was that she would be representing a US-based company in Taiwan and would be travelling to other Asian countries while working here.

I called my local Taiwan representative office and they have no idea what I am talking about. Has anyone heard of such a thing? Does anyone know the proper name for this?

Please post your advise here.


One word “reciprocated”

If you country does the same for ROC citizens they will do the same for the nationals of that country.

If you are not from the US then you might only be able to get a one year.

Also the guy who works in the Taiwan Office in your home country may not have dealt with this before.

I had to convince the Taiwanese guy in Dublin for about 20 mins that “yes…Taiwan does offer one year valid multiple entry business visas to Irish Citizens”
I tried for the five but with the ‘reciprocation’ I was only granted a one year.
Also I did have to get a letter from my company in Tawian saying I would be travelling around Asia and goign to Taiwan alot.
They don’t check the authenticity(spelling?) of the letter though.


I came to Taiwan with a five-year multiple-entry visitor visa good for stays of up to 60 days each. It didn’t need renewal – except maybe at the end of the five years.

I didn’t need to present evidence of work and much travel but I did give some undocumented information about why I was coming to Taiwan several times and which ROC citizens I would be staying with.

It says:


Good for multiple journeys to the Republic of China if passport remains valid…
Duration of stay: Sixty days

I don’t know if they still have these. Mine was certainly a nice thing to have.