Fixed Income Investments in Taiwan

Does anyone know where to go to buy fixed income securities in Taiwan?

Strip Bonds
Tresuary Bills
any thing else.

I’m looking for
3.5%-5% for 2-3 years
5% for 5-10 years
7% for 8-15 years.

I have found tem deposits and strucured deposits but I’m interested in something that will pay dividends monthly, quarterly or yearly in foreign currency.

What are the tax implications?
What are the costs involved?


Try looking around here.

I think if you are a US resident you should invest through bond etf’s in the states. You get foreign currency exposure and if you prefer you can invest in bond mutual funds easily in the states to get the coupon payments you desire. With the coupons and ytms you are looking for, it will be difficult to find them in the Taiwan government bond market. 10 and 20 year Taiwan government bonds are well under 3% YTM right now. Maybe Taiwan corporates but this is much more difficult as there a very few issuers.

I would think there are possiblities in the UK and German bond markets as well.