Fixing a CD player?

Where is the best place to go?
I won this cool Hi-fi last night, but after about 6 minutes of playing, a fan turns on (maybe it gets too hot) but the fan is so noisy I can’t hear the music!

Is it a Cerena?
I spent so much money buying cheap cd players that I could have bought two decent ones.

My guess it it would cost you more to fix than to buy a new one. But wait, did it have a warenty card in the box? Have a Taiwanese friend read it to you.

If you won it, you probaby have to take it to the manufacturer and pay for shipping. If you got it from a local store, you can probably switch it for a new one.

I did this three times then finally gave up. When it comes to low cost brands, you really get what you pay for. Good luck.

It’s a LG. I can’t return it because I won it at a club. So I don’t have any receipts:(