.flac on iPod?

Sorry if this a girly technospazz Q. I have a bunch of opera .flac files which sound yummyyummy, so I’m loath to squish em to MP3 so I can bop to Verdi, on the train. Aural pontillism is not good when the journey is just tree cow tree cow tree cow and tossers talking on the phone for three earth hours.

Any suggests?

Just dunnit! Sorry, you can delete this if you like.

How did you do it? I didn’t think iPhone/iPod could handle .flac files. I had some before that I tried to import as-is, but it didn’t work.

Use Fluke to import the flac to iTunes, then convert it into ALAC.

Right, but at the end of the day, it’s been converted to another format. Is it still as clear as in .flac?

Yes. iTunes doesn’t play flacs.

Haven’t listened to 'em all yet but seem ok.

ALAC and FLAC are lossless codecs, thus there is no any loss of quality during the transcoding process. The majors differences between the two formats is that FLAC is open source (ALAC is not, it’s an Apple Lossless Audio Coding addition to the MP4 standard) and FLAC gives a better compression ratio (ALAC is deliberately less “complex” to be easily played in an iPod without reducing the battery life).

Just convert them as the sound quality won’t be that big of a deal on your portable device. You won’t be able to tell the difference.

The ALACs sound nicer on my pod than mp3s, but not as nice as the .flacs through my speakers. Oof. Realised I don’t really care and was just over-focusing my nerd centres of my brain. :laughing:

If you combine a lossless compressed music with nice earphone (that is not the original Apple one) it can be just fantastic !

I got some Sennheisers, but not really top of the range. they’re ‘enough’. Rainbow smiley.

They might be, but I’m also worried about the device itself. My iPod produces (pretty quiet, but still audible) some static even when not playing any music. I’m afraid that background device noise might be comparable to mp3 sound degradation, especially at higher bitrates…

Yeah, it’s never going to be that good. Oh God, am I going to turn into an audio nerd as I approach middle age? :laughing: