I know you all have shrinking vocabularies… So I thought I’d chuck you a word.


Um, thank you.

Do I throw one back?


I learned “infrangible” today.


Read more, kids.

I ain’t talkin NEW words. I am talking words you don’t hear that often.

Flagrant is a perfect example.
As is the word ‘lambast.’

Can I get a ‘bruhaha’ in there while I am at it?

Flagrant is used all the time.
Especially in sports.
Flagrant foul.

[quote=“Josefus”]Flagrant is used all the time.
Especially in sports.
Flagrant foul.[/quote]

Lifes rich tapestry.

I’ve always been partial to “deflicted”

It mildly annoys me when native speakers misuse ‘blatant’. Sounds stupid.

flagrant harbor is probably more true then fragrant harbor far as HK is concerned

I’ve got a great photo to prove that. Posted on a bridge in Tai Po is a sign that says “No fishing, contaminated water” (or something close to that, I’d have to pull out the photo).

In the background of the photo is a boat with people inside fishing in blatant disregard for the posted sign. That sort of flagrant violation is the sort of deflicted behavior that we like to lambast on this forum.

Man. The sun today is blatant!


Wait a minute, is this like one of those word-association tests?

Fresh dog poop on hot sidewalk is very flagrant…:bow::smiley:

I’ve always been partial to “fungible;” you just don’t really hear it outside of the ‘Economics 101’ class setting.

Speaking of shrinking vocabs, I spent almost 10 minutes the other day trying to remember the word “interact”. Sheesh.


Yeah, as in, ‘I didn’t mean to make your child cry. I was trying to interact with him!’

Anyone have a good eructation today?