Flamenco Movie/music Lovers


i’m going for these two activities, and was wondering if anyone else is up for it. preferably not weird. even better if nice.

so, they are:
1. Tablao - flamenco dance and music by a certain ‘Adrian’ (dancer) and ‘David’ (singer) [serious. this is all the pamphlet I got from today’s intro to ‘Flamenco Flamenco’ said…)]

Tics at NT800/1000/1200. well, no pressure, but i got the 800 tic, so it’d be nice if you get that too. but if not, we can still wave across the room

Date: 11 Aug
Time: 8pm
Venue: Ximen Red Building

2. Flamenco Flamenco de Carlos Saura

To open in theatres 29 Jul.

Hit me up at: expiring1990@yahoo.com if you’d like to meet.

Would also appreciate it if anyone can advise on where to get a dose of indie music with a good crowd, or perhaps a dose of good conversation.


Perhaps I should introduce myself, so you know im not weird either…

I’m Chinese and Asian. Although Chinese is my mother tongue, I don’t use it with absolute fluency and I’m here to work on that.

I like music with a good crowd (was rather appalled that when at a rock/ emo gig in a pub near Shida, I was asked to not talk. EVERYONE in the pub sat still and clapped politely after each song. A friend later told me that this is their way of showing respect to the performers… But I did notice that people laughed, chatted and danced at a Matzka performance. Beats me…).

Like walking, and movies too.