Flaming Notifications

I have had two of my posts in the “Dating and Relationships” forum disappear in the last two or three days. One was a rude cartoon, and I understand the reasoning behind removing it. However, the other one was pretty harmless. These were not floundered, they disappeared!!!

If one of the higher powers decides to “flame” something, shouldn’t they PM the offending party and give their justification. My playful bantering in my second deleted post did not deserve to be “removed” IMHO. Rude, cocky remarks that are not off-topic, not directly insulting, and do not violate forum rules should not be flamed. I can give examples of ten or twenty other posts with similar content that still remain in the forums. Some answers please.

We don’t have time to notify people of every flamed or floundered post. Sorry. Post within the scope of the rules, and you’ll find it very unlikely that your posts disappear.

Just an observation here Maoman, but isn’t Chewy claiming that he did post within da rules?

I agree that floundering should not require a notification, but there are so few flames that it would not require so much time or effort (except in IP, but TM and R love to work it, so…) and notification could serve as a pseudo warning to the offending party. Such notifications could result in a more harmonious board, nu?

Also, flame nots could demonstrate to us as a community that the mods are attempting to meet us halfway, instead of the (in some cases) percieved “my way or tealit” mentality some may (occasionally) be feeling.

Again, just some thoughts. I am not trying to go all Pearl Harbour on your ass.

Chewy, the rules clearly state “Don’t be rude…”
As mods, we’re required to enforce the rules as objectively as possible. If you see other posts that are rude and haven’t been removed, you can always send a pm to one of the forum’s mods. It could be that (s)he just didn’t notice it.

p.s. I do try to send a short note when I flounder or flame something, but as Maoman said, we don’t always have the time to do that. Please try to understand that as much as it is a pleasure moderating we also have jobs and other things that keep us busy. If you feel a post has been removed unfairly, you can always contact the forum mods for an explanation.


Yeah but there’s no drama that way.

Whenever one of my posts disappears I just blame Tetsuo. He’s always messing things up. :fume: