Flash Mobs : could this catch on in Taiwan?

The latest fad popular in the US and Germany is the flash mob phenomenon … a bunch of people who don’t know each other are told to gather in one public place at a particular time and do something completely silly.
Could this phenomenon catch on in Taiwan?
Say, someone sends e-mails, sms, phone calls, telling everybody to appear in front of CKS Memorial Hall at 2:40 pm and shout “Forumosa” three times at the top of their lungs, and then vanish before the cops understand what’s going on …

find more about the flash mobs at www.cheesebikini.com and

I doubt it could catch on here. No one can get togther to agree on anything. Everybody wants to be the boss. Besides, I don’t think that Taiwanese would enjoy doing absurd things unless there is money to be made from doing it.

September 6th, name rectification for “Taiwan”. Go to the roof of the tallest building in your vicinty at 1:00 pm and yell Taiwan at the top of your lungs.

People yelling from the top of buildings at lunchtime probably couldn’t be heard over the traffic noise.

The point is to get a bunch of strangers together in one geographical location to actually form a mob that does something odd, gets lots of funny looks from the public, then scatters.

Hi girls!

Yes, it has to be a group affair, not a solo effort. It also has to be unexpected, and the actual “activity” has to be short with quick post-activity dispersion to avoid the polis.

Any activity is fine as long as it is easy to do, and spontaneous. It’s only limited by imagination.


Sounds like a gas. Let’s do it.