Flat Head Syndrome

My 1.5 month old daughter has developed a flattened spot on the her left side of her head. When she was born it was already there but not as apparent. Right away we started to implement repositional therapy, she’s only on her back while sleeping at night. During the day we try to keep her on her tummy or lying sideways as much as possible. But her condition hasn’t gotten any better. We are planning to take her to see a cranial orthotic specialist if things don’t improve in the next 2 months. I hope it doesn’t come to that. Hate to have her wear those helmets for 3 months. But just in case, want to ask if any of you have gone through this or can recommend a hospital or specialist in Taipei? I’ve read that the only cranial orthotic specialist in Northern Taiwan is at the Chang Gung Hospital in Linkou. Thanks for any replies in advance.

Have you seen a doctor (a paediatrician)??? What does he say? I am assuming it is due to position and not a serious condition. It usually takes 6 months for a babies head to round out again. I used a pillow made of mustard seeds for my kids. Just made a sack of mustard seed and sewed it shut. Not thick ofcourse. They didn’t get the flat head, but I know of a lot of babies who do (with the mustard seed, silkworm’s something pillows et al) and the cranium just pops back into shape.

P.S. those helmets look crappy, if the flat head is not damaging the insides of my baby’s head, I wouldn’t put an infant through that.


Thanks for that link. We plan to see a doctor, but want to go to hospital that at least has some cranial specialist. I am afraid of going to a normal doctor and just getting the usual don’t worry about it, it is normal response. I have had a misshapen head since I was young and it has always bugged me. So don’t want my kid to have to endure that.

Hi hi,
I was just wondering if you ended up going to see the specialist? My one month old also has flat head syndrome and I’m desperate for some help. Thanks .

Have an appointment this Saturday so will let you know after the examination.

Update: After doing some searching we found a pretty competent and well recommended pediatric cranial orthotic specialist at Mackay Hospital in Taipei City. He did some test and ruled out torticollis or any malformations and diagnosed out baby as having a mild case of flat head syndrome. He assured that us that it will round out naturally as long as we alternate our baby’s sleep position. He didn’t recommend and drastic measures like wearing a helmet. Very relieved, and will report back in the next few months to let you guys know the progress.

Yep, but how do you force your baby to sleep in a certain way if it makes your baby uncomfortable? My baby will start to cry if she doesn’t like sleeping on a particular side. And she’s not used to sleeping on her tummy yet.

He recommended wedging a small towel under the baby’s head to prop up the flat side after he/she is sound asleep. This has worked for us, our baby pefers to fall asleep on the flat head side too, but once she’s sound asleep we prop her head up with a rolled up towel to relieve the pressure on her flat side. During the day we force her to be on her tummy as much as possible. The first week she hated it, so I would lie her on my tummy and play with her. After about 2 weeks she loves being on her tummy now. She actually sleeps more sound and for longer without a feeding while on her tummy.