Flavored Liquid Non-Dairy Coffee Creamer

Has anyone in Taipei seen International Delight or Coffeemate flavored non-dairy coffee creamer? I’ve been making my own concoction using cream, non-fat milk, and the flavored Monin syrup, but if the ready-made product is available, I’d buy it. Would take either the large containers in the dairy case or the small individual cups that come in boxes.

I’m waiting for January when a friend from the US is coming for a vacation. Being a guy and not needing to pack much for himself, he’s agreed to bring one whole suitcase full of stuff just for me! A couple boxes of creamer are going on the list if I haven’t found it here, along with Monin Zero Free sugarfree syrup.

Five years later and I too find myself looking for liquid Coffeemate creamer. My Taiwanese born girlfriend suggested that I freeze some and throw it in my suitcase to bring it here from the states. Well, I thought her suggestion was a little bit over-the-top until I got here and found out that it’s simply not to be found (in Taipei at least).

I’m going to be trying to make my own version of the French Vanilla flavored stuff until I find a reasonable substitute. I used to think that I knew how to make a great cup of coffee. Now I know that it was just the creamer that made it so good.

It’s at Carrefour. We’ve been buying it for years in Taipei.

I think that I love you. I’m heading to Carrefour this morning to find out for sure. :bow:

It’s also available at Wellcome. The favored Coffeemate comes in packs with tose small cups in them; French Vanilla, some or other nut flavor and original. I use it every day!

Ah, I was looking for the refrigerated bottles. Found the single serving assorted flavors though. Happier than I was previously.


I’ve never seen the flavored creamer at any Wellcome I’ve been to, darn it. Nor at Carrefour! But I gave up looking a few years ago, so I guess I’d better try again. I might have to try visiting Tian Mu, huh? Danshui Wellcome stores don’t have much at all. :frowning:

My goodness! If they have it at Wellcome in the Armpit (Taoyuan) then they should most certainly have it in the big city! It is in the section where they have coffee, powdered creamer, etc.

I’ve looked in Wellcome, Costco, Carrefuor and other markets including Breeze Super and a few other specialty Western item stores. I was only able to find the non-refrigerated, single-serving sized assortment of flavored creamers. They are very expensive and don’t really taste as good.
However, I’m fine now because a pilot friend just brought me three big bottles of the refrigerated stuff from Costco in Alaska. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’m going to ask my buddy to bring back International Delight refrigerated stuff from New York when he comes back in January. It’ll be cold enough. I didn’t like the Coffeemate single-serving ones much, either.