Flavors - Swedish restaurant in Taipei

Yummy, jattegott! Smaskens! :notworthy:

I have found heaven in Taiwan. A Swedish guy and his Taiwanese wife have opened a restaurant called “Flavor” that has great lasagna and ribs and things like that but also has Swedish food like meatballs with fresh potatoes (farsk potatis) and pytt-i-panna (no idea how to translate) and Swedish Apple Cake with vanilla sauce.

They are located on

[strike]Sanmin Road Lane 107 No 8-3
you can call them at 02-2769-1971.[/strike]

[color=#FF0040]New Address![/color] Ren’ai Road Section 4, Lane 300, Alley 26, No. 13
[color=#FF0040]New Telephone Number!/color 2709-6525

I have been there 3 times in a week, slowly working myself down the menu. :sunglasses:

5 stars to “Flavor”


Superb! What sort of prices are we talking about here?

I was there yesterday and had the meatballs. Two people ended up being like 700 something but that included a really nice soup with mushrooms from Sweden, a big serving of meatballs and potatoes and gravy and then apple cake and tea/coffee.

Quite reasonable I think.

I highly recommend this place.


I’ve been there twice already!

First time I had pytt-i-panna which was exactly the way my mom used to make it :slight_smile:
The 2nd time I had a Swedish pork-steak, which was so big that it was impossible to finish :stuck_out_tongue:

The staff are very nice and hospitable and they told me that it’s possible to make a wish for Swedish food that could be served within a few days time. So if you have some important event and need some special food from home, this might be the place!

The food cannot even be compared to IKEA… Flavor serve REAL food not some powder mix from some eastern european nation…


But I suppose you would ned to know what the food is called. Peian, you’re a Swede aren’t you? Do you know the dish I’m talking about?
I think its herring prepared in a certain way (pickled?) and you eat it accompanied by ice-cold acquavit duing Sweden’s summer festival. Sorry I can’t be more precise.

inlagd sill (pickled herring)

Hi everybody,
first I want to thank everybody for all the kind words. Most of all I want express my joy that you all like my food. I guess it probably feels like for an painter when he sells his first painting, since I put my whole soal into my cooking. The art of cooking… You all bring a very big smile to me, I hope i can give you this back to all of you when you come and visit us.

Since there were some questions I would like to answer them…
We are very fairly priced. One of the probably few restaurnats in the whole world…I wont lie to you saing that we are not into this because we want to make money…But this is not the reason we started Flavor. We started Flavor so we (Ola + Stephanie) could be together always. Therefore we want to make other people happy too and we keep our prices low or medium, even we do not cut on our quality. Our quality is very important and we always use the best fresh ingrediants, and real hearbs+ we want to give you a service wich you can’t find anywhere else.
The price is lower during lunch and avagrage our for a set menu with soup of the day & home made fresh bread, main course, desert & coffee or tea from $180- $380, Dinner time between $280-$420. And as metioned before its a lot of food. I rather give to much than see you go hungry from Flavor…

Requests…we surely do. If there is anything special that you feel like…let us know a couple of days in advance and for how many people and I try to help you. Our menu is changing every week, so you will always find something new to try.

yes we are doing all the important festivals and traditions of Sweden, and including some other scandinavian too…Since I do have connections with both Denmark and Norway. The first one that is coming up is Swedish midsummer festival, and Yes we will have a misummer pole…he he…Dancing on the street first after all the shots…PLS make a reservation if you are interested since there will be lots of people showing up…
Just send us an e-mail or better yet give us a ring and have a chat…

Keep it fresh, don’t forget you shades, and we see’ ya’ll at Flavor

Thank you Ola. It sounds wonderful! I can’t wait to try it.

I got it. Thanks.

I visited Flavor last night and was pleasantly rewarded. The atmosphere is reminiscent of early-Alleycat

Trust Elektronisk. Consistently one of the best restaurant reviewers posting on Forumosa. Thanks muchly.

Thanks Sandman for the praise. :notworthy:

I was going to go on about the new potatoes (delicious! - boiled, then cooked with a little honey) but figured I had blathered on enough already. :blush:

Was just about to mention potatoes since you said most entries were pasta. Potatoes is what I miss most here, usually only found as some kind of sidedish and with curry.

Wonder if they would do kroppkakor (a kind of potatoballs with pork or baconfilling); would be very expensive though since it’s a pain in… to do them.

Anyone have the opening hours?


Hi, everybody…
Thanks again for all good comments. It really makes it fun for me to cook for all of you. you make me more and more inspired in creating art. I do apologize for the small prints on the menus, the big ones are on their way, just a couple of more days and then the printer is done. You wont be disapointed (small printed text is 14 pt)…he he he…

Misdummer…yes the Swedish trade council is sending out the menu shortly to all on their mailing list, but for all who are not on their list here it is…

Midsommar Meny


I made it out yesterday after a few salivating days of build up thanks to what others had posted and it was extremely worth the trip! Others have posted more eloquently than I can but let me add that I’m old and fat. That, I’d like to think, makes me somewhat of an authority on food. And this food was damned good! I had the lasagna and my gf, who doesn’t have as…ahem…hearty… an appetite as I do, had the ribs. So I basically had the lasagna and half (ok, ok…60%) of the ribs and they were both excellent. The ribs were SSSOOOOOOO tender! I thought the bread and the soup was top notch, as well, and I defy anyone to go wrong with the apple cake and vanilla sauce.

The service was first class, as well. I have to say Ola and Stephanie are very friendly and Ola said he’s more than willing to cook almost anything on request. I was satisfied enough with the menu as is that I’m more than happy to let Ola take the wheel and go along for the ride. But for others, that might be something to consider.

Lastly, the price was more than fair. The two of us (ribs and lasagna) came to less than 800 NT. That was with a discount, although I must confess, I’m not sure what the discount was for. Guessing it’s b/c it’s in the opening phase. Best of luck to Spehanie and Ola, but with food that good, I don’t think they need it.

I tried the rib tonight and it was great. Tender, massive, and flavorful. Note it is not the baby-back ribs offered by others. It is a big single rib, but the marinating and slow cooking ensure the flavor permeates the meat. Not like when using charcoal to quickly grill where the flavor is only on the outside.

Again Ola et al. (Stephanie, Mother, Sister) provided a great experience.

And little did I know, Ola is a professional bartender. Ask for anything. I was surprised by many new drinks.

YingFan: I had potato and onion soup as well as potatoes with the entree. na na na na na :stuck_out_tongue:

thebiggestnose: you are scary, you ate all that?

May the Norwegians invade this place as well? :laughing: Scandinavian style food? :wink:

Hey, I’m Norwegian and Ola welcomed me with open arms.

I did happen to include a few across the border jokes as normal, which were returned with a smile and drink!

Don’t be inhibited by the borders.

Maybe we Norwegians should try to coordinate a get-together before “everyone” leave for summer vacation?

Pelle, Elektronisk, please help to spread the word, and we can try to set up a date and make neccesary reservations.

…only if they serve lutefisk, bacon - and the occasional slice of geitost!

We’ll be there on the 28th I am told - a flock og Norwegians…! @

Charge Hagar!!!