Flavoured pencil lead now available!

Isn’t this dangerous?

perfumed writing
An employee of Pentel, a Japanese stationery maker, displays the world’s first mechanical pencil ``Supplio’’ with flavored lead at the International Stationery and Office Products Fair in Tokyo yesterday. The flavored leads contain nano-sized flavored capsules, which transfer to the paper three different flavors – rose, green tea and rosemary. Pentel will put it on the market in September.

Do you think they could do the same thing with paint chips?

i clearly remember flavoured inks when i was in high school…what’s with the novelty here??

Great, another goddamned think to tell the kids to stop playing with. Don’t eat the pencil lead, Johhny. Teacher, I have no more this.

Did they taste good?
I can see making scented inks but why add flavour to them?

Rose, rosemary, and green tea - I’d bet 50NT it was a translation error - those have got to be scents, not flavors.

Hilarious :laughing: