Flawless Chinese text in English version Windows!

though i walked through the valley of the shadow of bill gates, i have today emerged fully unscathed, and only a little poorer…

but i do believe i have pinned down the exact formula to display all and any chinese text in english windows (well, definitely XP anyway). in any case, since i’m sure i’m not the only one with this problem, let me share my dicovery…

you will prob. need the original windows CD for this

1.)Install the MS Chinese Traditional + Simplified Language packs
2.)Install the MS Chinese Global IME for Office
(you can download these from MS)

3.) from the control panel open “Regional & Language options
-select the “Languages” tab
(ensure "Install files for East Asian languages box is checked)
-select the “Details” tab
(select you default input language)
(Add “Chinese [Taiwan]” to the list of input methods)
-click the “Advanced” tab
(select the “extend support of advanced text to all programs” box)
(click “Apply”, then close "text services & input Lang. window)

4.) from the “Regional & Language options” window:
-select the “Advanced” tab
-under “language for non-Unicode programs”,select Chinese[Taiwan]
-under “code page conversion tables”, select everything with “chinese”
(this may be overkill, but it may be necessary i don’t know)
-under “Default user account settings” click “apply all settings…”
-click “Apply

you will probably have to restart your PC as prompted

5.) install all any any chinese fonts you can get your hands on, the Chinese version WindowsCD is a good source, or you could download some.

… and you should be able to view any chinese text anywhere in any application… even remote servers, chinese software etc.

you may still have to select the encoding between “Chinese Big5” “traditional” “simplified” etc. in Explorer to get web pages & e-mail fully functional… but that’s easy innit?..

This is simplistic stuff it won’t wreck your PC, it will fix all your chinese display hassles… but i aint going to come running to your house/office if you’re not sure what to do next… :wink:


I can’t install the frickin’ language pack. It asks me for some crappy Windows XP service pack CD 2 that I don’t have.

Thanks man, that was of great help to me. My English version Windows XP can now communicate with my Chinese version Windows Pocket PC. A step in the right direction! :laughing: