Flex Your Technical Muscles (What Are You Packing?)

Here we go, a thread for the geeks (and non-geeks) to flex.

This is how I roll (though what I’m carrying may change from day to day.) You will find me with no less than 3 of these items on my person at any given second.

Digital IXUS 40

Nintendo DS (Red Mario Kart Edition)

Palm LifeDrive

Palm E2 (that’s right, rolling with 2 Palms)

Creative Muvo (Fuck an iPod, I got this shit free)

Sony K600i

Jabra BT 350


I’m not techy enough to be able to post photos, but I normally pack a digital camera with nifty rotating “spy” lens (good for surreptitious photos of the unsuspecting), a Tungsten E PDA, an MP3 player and my newest and bestest toy, my Mustek 40Gb personal video recorder with stored Chinese movies and video on it. I travel with an Acer Aspire 3620 or my trustworthy and beloved Acer Travelmate 320 which is the smallest darn notebook most people here in the States have ever seen. They actually come over and talk to me to ask about it, and NO ONE talks to anyone else in the States!

What I want now is one adapter for ALL of them (costing less than a small fortune).

Sony Ericsson w900i

Full phone specs here.
Basically, it’s a phone, camera, mp3 player/walkman, game station and organizer all in one.

Oh oh oh, no fair. I have been saving money and my toys are all getting out of date: -
2 Phones, Nokia don’t know the models but they are old and basic
Ipod 20Gb brick version
Sony T3 digi cam (1gb memory card)
Shiny new Asus W5F laptop (shared with SO, so not THAT expensive)

Have all kinds of cool stuff in storage in Vietnam for more than a year now which may not be cool anymore by the time I get it back…ormaybe it’ll all be way cool and retro if it stays there long enough?

Jabra BT 350


Do you wear that Jabra out in public? :wink:


My friend didn’t have the one I wanted. I bought it in the US and got 50% off.