FLG, earthquake and general weirdness

FLG in New York City are a weird bunch. They protest every weekend against the CCP at street corners, fighting for space with Christian evangelicals.

Ever since the earthquake they become very active. Every corner has at least 3-4 people handing out newspapers. You can’t ignore them, like those other people handing out flyers and napkins; they just get in your face. So my standard reply to them is in fluent Mandarin “I’m an illiterate” (which is sort of true if the papers in simplified). Gets a few laughs and they leave me alone.

However, to an old lady approaches me and says in Mandarin “Are you Chinese?”
I’m thinking must be my metrosexual fashion sense, she thinks I’m Japanese or Korean, not a FOB. Or maybe my summer tan makes her think I’m Black. Ipod blasting MC Hotdog or the artist formerly known as Jin.

So flashing my most ironic urban chic smile I reply in Mandarin “I’m an American,” giving the peace sign for my peeps.
She response “That’s great.” Not a FOB, she has a western sense of humor.
Then she asked me “Where the Taiwan Center?” We’re like 30 paces away from it. The building is in our line of sight. She’s not a FOB. Clothing suggest she’s a mass transit strap hanger, not the driving type. Maybe a non-BAT (Bridges and Tunnel) person that never left Brooklyn or Manhattan.

So I politely point it out to her, commenting on how the colors are so unique on a block full of red brick and concrete. Faded mustard yellow with mute matte lime green accents. Like baby vomit after apple sauce, banana, and green peas.

When I turn back to face her, she pulls a newspaper out of her bag, and say “Would you like a newspaper.”
It’s the Epoch times in Chinese, I politely decline and walk away.

I watch her walk by and noticed she didn’t even go into the Taiwan Center.

But I’m like thinking, what’s with all this deception, what a bunch of weirdoes.

Epoch times is a funny thing…they give 'em out free at my old uni and I used to read them. I started to noticed the anti-China bias and looked into them a bit more.

The thing I can’t figure out is…if you’re going to try and slag of the PRC (not an incredibly difficult task) you should at least ‘attempt’ to provide accurate information, right? I mean, like with Chang’s ‘The rape of nanking’, having someone like this ‘on your side’ as it were, only serves to further weaken your cause.

The crux of the biscuit, right there…