Flickr as a source for Avatars

Why can’t I us an image that I have on Flickr as my avatar? Its within all the constraints that have been imposed, its lesss than 150x150 and only 5kb in size. Whats up dudes?

Try saving the image to your desktop and then uplaoding it to

I don’t know if Flickr allows hotlinking. I know they do their best to hide the links as it is. Try uploading it to


Xie xie, Ni men can wo de avatar!

Hot sauce indeed! Our beloved Roach like brothers love it!

How on earth do you guys find these sites? I must be some kind of Internetphobe or something!?!?!

I’m a geek, it’s my job. :laughing:

Yes, you can hotlink to flickr. After posting the image, go view it in the size that you want to link to, and paste that, then hit preview. If it doesn’t show, simply delete anything after the .jpg.


you may need to delete the trailing ?v=0 for the link to work, to wit:

with trailer:

vs. without:

As for whether it works with avatars, I removed and then reinstalled my avatar using the above link, and as you can see, it works.

Yes, you can upload your avatar to Flickr. I did. :scooby:

Another good site for image hosting and hot linking, free & spam/spyware free: