Flight Compensation

So pre-Covid, I arranged a return leg from Amsterdam on KLM to TPE. Checked in online and went to the airport. But about 90 or 100 minutes before departure, just before we went to check in our bags… the flight was canceled. No warning, nothing. We were delayed by 24 hours on our return journey.

So I was wondering about claiming compensation: Who would do this? What time limits on duration are there? Have you ever done this? Are any of the claims compensations companies helpful or trustworthy in this regard?


It depends on the reason the flight was delayed.
The good news is you were leaving the EU - which probably has the best passenger rights in the world - so you likely will have some compensation due you.
Start here:

^Note, I’ve linked this site just for you to gather information as to whether or not you’re eligible for compensation. I have never used these guys and I don’t endorse their compensation service. I personally would be very unlikely to try a compensation company as my first line because I’m a cheapskate.


You booked this flight more than two years ago?


Just to clarify, 2-3 years ago you had a flight delayed and now want to know if you’re still eligible for compensation, right?

It seems that the time limit for claiming compensation in the Netherlands is 2 years according to the below site, but I don’t have personal experience or firsthand knowledge.

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yeah, i know.

however, different countries have different time limits… up to 6 years.

I have found different websites saying different things… thanks for the link.