Flight refund options

Good news for passengers:

Is it really of much use? It certainly doesn’t mirror EU rules which are relatively generous in the case of delays.

Many passengers will be leaving Taiwan to return to their home country, not taking the flight and taking a refund (not sure they would even qualify as they’ve already used their outbound) is likely not an option.

Passengers leaving on holidays are also unlikely to want a refund unless it’s a short weekend break as they’ll already have taken leave, booked hotels etc.

Passengers on business trips either won’t care as it’s not their cash buying the ticket or will still go anyway despite the long delay.

Who is this aimed at? Presumably just some feel good BS cooked up by politicians and the airlines that doesn’t have an real impact.

It’s one these ‘yes, we want to do it but we don’t’ things.

I had quite a journey getting refund for a ticket I paid 1,5 years ago.


I got not refundable tickets refunded in the end, even though the travel agency I bought the tickets from went bankrupt.

I wanted to visit my relatives in Germany in March 2020 and bought the tickets very early. I used a travel agency in Germany I was a customer of for a decade. They offered pretty good deals. The tickets were not refundable, but you could change the date for a fee if something came up.

We all know what happened. Covid19 got everything cancelled. This pushed the airlines for issuing vouchers if your flight got cancelled. Those were valid for a year and I was hoping to do my travels one year later. Yeah… about that.

A few months later I got an email that the parent company of the travel agency was bankrupt due to Covid19 situation. I had to file my claim with the liquidator to get my voucher codes…
This took like 6 months and in the end I got my vouchers! Just in time to use them before they expire. This time I booked flight during CNY 2021. I knew that was most likely not going to happen, but I did not want the 1k+ Euro vouchers to expire.

This time I booked flights directly on the website using the vouchers and using the more expensive option that allows full refund.
That flight got changed three times and was ultimately cancelled. This time I was able to apply for a refund.
It took two months for the refund to come through, but it was just the amount I paid on top of the vouchers to get the 2021 tickets. I contacted the airline support on twitter and they initiated the refund for the rest of the money. This took also a few months but now I got all my money back.

The airline is KLM. I will use them again in the future, because they did not try to rip me off.