Flight Reimbursement

Alright, so I’ve decided to call it a year and go home in July when my contract comes to an end. I am supposed to be reimbursed up to a certain amount after boarding and getting home. However, the public school I’m at has been sketchy since the beginning when it comes to money so what can I do to make sure they reimburse me?. I won’t be in the country to fight them for it so I want to be prepared for whatever happens–in case they try to screw me over by skipping out on flight reimbursement.

Make sure to save your boarding tickets both ways and your itinerary. They will need those to show that you’ve taken the trip. Most of the time, reimbursement won’t happen until the end of the year, but with the contract ending in July, I’m not 100% sure when the funds will be returned to you. (To be safe, you should save your contract just in case to show the page where the reimbursement process is explained.)

I also assume you should return in July for the full reimbursement since the contract is until July 31st. This is where I’m not exactly sure, and you might have to find this out.

I’m also contemplating taking a trip in July to be eligible for the reimbursement, but it’s a tough call with kids.

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Thanks for the suggestion. My contract actually ends on July 15th. I plan to go home and not return to Taiwan for work (at least for the next couple of years).

Ah, I see. This would be a bit different if you won’t be coming back for a couple of years, and you might have to contact the government directly for answers. I don’t think I remember anyone who decided to do what you are doing in regards to the reimbursement, so I don’t think I can give you helpful suggestions in your case.

Good luck to you!

Thanks for trying to help anyways. I can probably contact the labor department in this city and see what they say. Worst case scenario it will suck if they decide to skip out on reimbursement but I’ll have to take it as a loss.

Ask a friend who’s staying to be your representative in case you need to take action. To go to court while overseas you would need your representative to be either a lawyer or a family member, but iirc there’s no such restriction for mediation.


Check with the school too. Most FETs I know had to send their boarding passes to the school accountant to get their reimbursements after they left TW their final time

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As everyone else said check with your school on how to get it. If it’s a public school, I believe the contract says you have two months, from your flight day, to give the school all of your documents. My school mentioned that their budget ends at the end of July so they need all of the documents before then. I would recommend sending them certified mail so you know they got it. Also, be sure to give them real boarding passes and not a print off of a digital one. I did that my first year and my school wasn’t too happy about that and it took them an extra 2 months to process it because of that.

You can start the process early by giving them your flight receipt now and they can convert the currency. If it’s public school they will use rate that Bank of Taiwan had on the day you bought your tickets.

If they do end up not paying you, then do what yyy said.

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