Flights from Taipei to Green Island...?

I am having a hard time finding a travel agent that will book a flight from Taipei to Green Island…can anyone help me out?
also, what kind of crowd can I expect in the campgrounds there at this time of year…?

Never heard of flights from Taipei to GI. Usually you fly from Taidong.
My colleague returned from there earlier this week with a horror story about it – just absolutely crawling with people. They’ve totally ruined the hotsprings there, too – one of the best things used to be sitting in the pools at night looking at the millions of stars. No more, now that they’ve installed industrial-strength arc lights all around them.
He said the diving also sucked – hundreds of people, poor visibilty, few fish of any description and no big ones at all. He stayed one day instead of four and spent the rest of the time on Orchid Island, which he described as a mini-paradise in comparison.

Sounds like Green Island has had its day, having been destroyed in true Taiwan fashion. :frowning:

In years past there was a direct flight from Taipei on Tuesday and Friday afternoons.

I’m really sorry to hear of the tourist demise of Green Island. We spent years going out there, camping, diving, enjoying the privacy of the hot springs late at night.

It all sounds like a circus now…How depressing. :frowning:

I’d venture a guess and say that the offshore dives are still worth doing…Providing you can convince the operators that’s where you want to go.

It’s summer. Don’t go anywhere popular. Now that Green Island has become popular don’t go there. I’m sure it’s just as lovely as always during the off-season. Kenting is shit when it’s busy, too.