Flights to Penghu

How do I book a flight to Penghu? Which airlines go there, and do they have English websites or do I have to call someone? And which airline is the best to go with, in your opinion? Thanks for the help.

Have a look at this.

and this: … ss=11%2B15

Uniair and Mandarin Air both fly to Penghu (Makong / Magong).

The airport code is MZG.

first time ever (and only time) iv been to penghu (and unfortunately in winter ) i flew on china airlines 737 number 1870 (which on a later flight crashed on landing at penghu, killing 13) and flew out on a FAT 737.
the flight from penghu to tainan was the shortest flight iv ever done. and by jet to boot

we just skimmed the water (didnt fly up too high) to tainan in 13 minutes from wheel up to wheel down. was pretty cool

the runway is short and its very windy there. so its pretty dicey flying there. landing is harder then take off i hear. but nothing compared to green island i hear