Floating batteries

This Japanese company (PowerX) is going to build ships that ‘tank’ electricity at ‘long distance’ off-shore wind parks and feed it into the grid on land.

This has been a thing for a bit though, no? Thailand, singapore etc are already using floating solar fields. Is that what you are mentioning?

i thought this was going to be actual battery that float, so my phone wouldn’t sink if i dropped it in the sea.

Not just ships with batteries on.

It’s ships tanking off-shore electricity and transporting it to land to upload to the grid.

The asian nations arent using ships i dont thunk. They are using wires. Shippin battery banks back and forth seems as wasteful as trucking oil. Surely there are better ways?

It’s real and the ships have electric propulsion.

Any links with more info?

Link above (PowerX)

From what I read they are taking on excess power from offshore wind farms and transport it back to land, then transfer power to other battery tanks for recharging motor transport. they say electric power ships will become more the norm so they are can be mobile charging units.

I think it’s good and cool website!

Far cheaper and more efficient to use undersea cables. Have a look at some of the DC systems being proposed to connect N African solar farms to S Europe. Would work just as well for offshore power generation.