Flob (philology)

Can someone please explain the history of the term ‘flob’ as a reference to this here site?

Is it from an IRL meeting? or from a thread? if thread, please link.


F. Nietzsche

http://flob.tw/ will answer all your questions.

No, it won’t.

And flob won’t let me link to flob, eh?

I fixed your link for you.

It refers in part to the armchair quarterbackish hailmary pass.

You just did it to yourself. :bravo:


I’ve got some great music you should be listening to. PM me.

I think a flob is a semi that will never make it all the way up the hill.

God I miss nearly everyone in this thread. I old.

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I was rereading this thread today and feeling nostalgic. Pretty entertaining

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