Flounder Posts Gone, But Not Post Count

Hi Admins,

I noticed the number of my posts hasn’t been decreased even though my 15 days-plus posts in the FF have been deleted. The last time the 15 days-plus posts in the FF were deleted, my post count went down as well.

Is that something new? FF posts now count toward our post count? It would be nice to have my post count decrease according to the number of flounder posts I post.

That is correct, it has always been that way. It will go down when someone resyncs the database. When your floundered posts are removed from your total post count, you be in negative numbers.

Thanks for the quick reply, Big Fluffy Matthew. Being in near negative numbers is what I want. It’s like growing younger.

There are a couple of years of my life I’d like to flounder. I should have a talk to the Big Guy upstairs. It’s time to resynch things so I can go back to being 25. :slight_smile:

There are a few intimate encounters I’d like to flounder. Can you ask the guy up there about those as well?

Send Maoman a PM to ask him to do it for you, don’t forget to ask him to decrease your post count accordingly.