Fluent English Speaking Real Estate Agent in Taipei: Loan Requirements for Taiwan ID holder

Hi there. I moved in to Taiwan 8years ago for my dad who was a Taiwanese. He passed away 3years after I arrived just after I got my Taiwanese petitioned ID. I have learned to love the life here but moving around sucks. I want to buy a house in Taipei or New Taipei but my Mandarin isn’t that good. Just well enough to buy food and speak to kids or ask for directions. I am still learning. I am hesitant to walk in a bank and bombard a loan officer with questions in English. A lot of Taiwanese working in an 8-hour day job are not really very accommodating.

  1. Can anyone recommend an agent who is fluent or near fluent in English?
  2. Or does anyone have a list of requirements for an individual (Taiwanese ID holder) who wishes to purchase a property in Taipei?


I don’t require fluent English, just basic.