Fly for free as a global courier

We are a courier company, recruiting international couriers to carry time sensitive small parcels abroad. All packages can be inspected before flights and we have a clean track record. Items to be carried include:

Hi Tech & Electronics
Aircraft on Ground (aircraft engine components for stranded planes)
High Fashion samples
Legal, Financial & Contractual Documents
Ship Spares in Transit (small engine components for stranded boats)
Automotive components

Flights are out of Taipei
100% of the Ticket price is pre-paid by us.

  • further incentives if qualified will be 1 night hotel paid for and up to US$100 travel bursary as well.

You may stay for 1 night and return, or stay for up to a week.
This presents an excellent opportunity to travel abroad and to see new places or to visit friends and family as a major surprise.

Qualifications: You must hold a Canadian, American, European, Australia, New Zealand, some South American countries or be from a country with very few travel restrictions as we do not offer nor have the time to process entry visas.

If interested. Please send us the following information.

Full name:
Date of birth:
Country of Origin:
List Nations of Passports held:
Email Address:
Telephone number:
Cell number:
Visa in Taiwan: example student, landing, etc as well as expiry date of this.
Traveler type:
Lastly please let us know if you are able to take time off from work as most calls will only give you 24-36 hours notice. This unique opportunity presents itself as we courier time sensitive material.

List A traveler for Anytime
List E traveler for Every time
List S traveler for Sometimes
List O traveler for Once in a while

Please send the listed information to

Please let your friends know about this opportunity and have them Email us with your first and last name in the subject field and this will place you higher up on the priority list.

Thank you

Mr. Allen

Take you scam somewhere else please. If you were a legitimate company you would offer an address and an opportunity to discuss face to face.

I don’t think it’s a scam.
I know people that do this.
But they usually get a bit more cash in addition to the free flight.
It’s a pretty sweet deal, but you have to be ready to fly with almost no notice.
Most people can’t do that.

I’ve heard of this kind of courier service before – in fact, I’ve used one, but I agree – any REPUTABLE company should be happy to give an address and phone number. Hell, this dude doesn’t even give his name!
Be aware, people. That’s a lot of your personal information “Mr Allen” is looking for.

In the past, I have done quite a bit of this type of work. It is a legitimate business.
Having said this I will add:

Do NOT give this information to a stranger making a request on an internet chat forum.

Also, the info given by the representative here is just a bit too vague.
You, the courier, are responsible for what you have in your possession. REMEMBER THIS. Certain items are under Gov’t Export/Import Control. Know the rules.

With this in mind make your decision. Int’l courier can be a fairly easy way to make some money (not with this group it appears) and do some traveling. Courier groups tend to use the most responsible people for the best jobs - so you might have to work your way up the chain to the sweet over-the-weekend stays on the French Riviera…:wink:

Just be careful about what you give out until you know who you are dealing with.

I did a courier flight once from SFO to LA. They had mostly non-negotiable items (cancelled checks), and it was fine.

“Look for the scuzzy lookin’ guy in the red baseball cap.” :astonished:

No money for that one, but I knew a week in advance what my flight was.

I would like to see the street address before I gave any info on this one.

I thought these type of ads were sent directly to the Temp forum and told to go on Taiwanted, like that voiceover chick.

But while you’re being a courier, you can also learn to be a doctor. Sounds good to me.

This is posted on Taiwanted now with a full address, and stuff.