Fly out on South African ID only?

Damn, bugger, rats! My passport has gone AWOL in the recent move and I’m flying out in a day.

I have my SA ID with me. Will I be able to fly out on that? I really don’t have time to stop by the SA Trade Office in Taipei to get an emergency visa (I’m in Taichung).

Advice needed.


Go through immigration without a passport? What do you think?
I think you will definitely have to visit the SA trade office. Presumably they can provide you with some kind of temporary travel document.
Your SA ID is not a travel document.

No passport? Boy, they give you hassles if you even lose the little yellow paper that they staple in your passport. Looks like you’re departure will be delayed.

If I was you I’d forget about all those wasted hours you were planning on sleeping tonight and go thru all of your shit until you find it.

No you’ll be OK. The Taiwanese are very relaxed about this sort of thing. Just tell the guy you lost your passport. He’ll understand.

A delay in flying out is inevitable. SA trade office will issue an emergency passport on the spot. At a fee.