Flying a Dog to the US

Does anyone on here have any experience flying a dog back to the US from Taiwan? She’s too big to fit under the seat, so I know I’ll have to ship her as cargo in one of those big kennels. I’m getting a lot of conflicting information from Airline staff about what I need to do. It reminds me of why I try to avoid asking Taiwanese people for directions - because they will give me directions, regardless of whether they know how to get there. I like to someone who has done it.


The subject has been covered here. What airline are you using? I used EVA when i left Taiwan with two cats. They were very helpful as to what is needed. There is an exact procedure you MUST follow.

What kind of engines does your dog have? is it high wing or low wing?

these have a big bearing on how easy it would be to fly your dog home.

Perhaps a Sopwith Pup? Rather underpowered by modern standards though, and despite the name, rather old.