Flying from China to Taiwan

Hello, I am moving to Taiwan to teach English and study Mandarin and I am flying in on China Eastern through Shanghai. I currently have a one year multiple entry Chinese (PRC) tourist visa which I am going to have canceled and turned into another 1 year tourism visa. On my long layover I am going to go around Shanghai for a while and so I will get a PRC entry stamp on my new PRC tourist visa. I have read however that the PRC does not place exit stamps on the passports of foreigners going from the PRC to Taiwan.

With this set up what will happen when I later go back to the PRC on the same visa? I assume that their systems will say I have overstayed my visa (maximum 30 days in China at a time). Will I have to do something fancy to prevent the PRC from saying I have overstayed my visa and fining me or revoking my visa?

I feel like this is probably a silly question as I would’ve heard about this if it were a problem. The only reason I ask is because I read somewhere that the PRC does not give you an exit stamp when you exit to Taiwan. I am not however sure that I believe what I read was true.

They stamp it. They stamp even when going to Hong Kong.

Thanks a lot, I figured I was just being a bit paranoid but better to double check. I knew that they stamp it with HK as I was a student there but in that case the governments of Mainland and HK generally agree on who has control over what where.

Confirm they will stamp it as normal on exiting.