Flying to San Fran? Puppy needs your help!

:notworthy: :bow: to anyone who can help out with this.
I am stoked to announce that I found a home for Seven (pup I listed here a month ago) in AMERICA!!!
Seriously, beyond stoked. Seven is a 6 month old pup who is wanted by a wonderful family living in Northern California. It’s the perfect situation for him- another dog to play with, a big yard, and a dog loving family. It’s been a long trip for this little guy, who’s had three homes during his short life and is ready to take a journey to his fourth (and hopefully forever) home in California.

We have a flight for him on China airlines, but the fee for carrying a dog is double what it would be on Eva airlines. He’s already exceeded his ‘adoption fee’ with other expenses, and any extra expenses that we pay for him will be taken out of AIR’s funds (or possibly raised by donations) and will take away from helping another dog in need.
Is anybody out there flying to San Francisco? If you can act as a courier for this sweet little pup, we will of course pay any extra baggage fees. All you’ve got to do is check him in (and we’ll help ya, maybe even give you a ride to the airport) and wait with him for his new family to come pick him up.
Help help! We’ve come so far with this pup and it’s finally the last leg of the journey. If you are going to san francisco, or know anyone who is going, please contact me!