Flying to SF with China Air? Save a life!

Wanna be an angel? :angel: We need your wings to help save some of Taipei’s most unwanted strays.

We are working with a small, privately run stray dog rescue group that ships unwanted dogs to foster homes in the States. (The English version of the Web site is not set up yet). They have a great deal with China Airlines for the dog’s freight charge, but the dogs must go accompanied.

If you are flying to San Francisco and would like to put wings on an unwanted dog so that it can find the home it deserves in the U.S., please PM me or e-mail me at .

These people, apart from being incredibly generous and kind, are very experienced at this. The dog/s will meet you at the airport and be checked in for you. All the paperwork will be done for you, as well as the paperwork and pick-up at destination. All you need to do is meet these people at the airports. Everything for the dog is paid for by the rescue group.

Please - you can change a life by simply agreeing to accept the dog as baggage. China Airlines understand exactly what the process is. You would of course be free to check the dog and the crate to satisfy any concerns about carrying anything illegal.

These dogs have all been rescued from the streets of Taipei - saved from a future filled with misery, disease, loneliness, and early death. You could be their ticket out to a better life.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you!


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