Flying to Taiwan and 3-day covid test

Hello, I’m trying to time out my covid test because of the within 3-day rule.

The test is going to take a day or 2 to finish and the results will go onto my phone on this app the hospital told me to download. I booked the test for 2 days before my actual flight. If nothing gets delayed it should be fine.

For people that have recently flew from SFO to Taiwan, did you have to show the gate your test before you could board? Also, would I be fine just showing them from my phone or should I try to go and print out the results? I’m worried about the test not being ready yet or being a day late.

Call the airline at that airport.
Try to get an actual check-in desk employee.
They’ll have the exact answer.

I recently flew from LAX to SFO to Taiwan. I had to show my covid test before completing check in as LAX. The boarding agent also checked again before I boarded the plane at SFO. I believe in the US they are fine with looking at your phone as long as your test results show a match to your name on the ticket.

I’m not sure whether Taiwan requires a paper copy as they do not keep a copy of my Covid test report. But, I will say that at least three different officers looked at it at immigration. It is just easier to have a paper copy. They will also be looking closely to see if it is the correct covid test and the name matches your passport.

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Bring a paper copy somehow.

okay, looks like I should try to get a paper copy then thanks

To be 100% sure, you need a COVID-19 PCR test report three days before departure, right? The test report must indicate a negative test result.

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I flew in with only an electronic copy of my negative RT-PCR test. No one asked for a paper copy. Just make sure it specifies that it was a COVID-19 RT-PCR test. I saw a guy denied boarding in the US because he had the antigen test.

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Good information.

I made it in with my test! Glad I printed it… quarantine day 1 now lol


Where did you get your PCR test in SF bay area before taking light from SFO > Taiwan? I’ll be in the same boat in the next month or so.

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I got my test early on a Monday, received results late Monday night, printed Tuesday, flew LAX SFO TPE Wednesday. SFO and TPE checked my negative COVID test results.

No I got it in my home state at an express care building. I guess they don’t count the weekend in the 3 days window. So I got the results back on a Friday but didn’t fly out till Monday so it worked out great.

Some places will tell you next day results, some are 2-4 days. It’s just about timing it out right

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Can someone confirm if the following works for Taiwan:

Flight to TPE will take off from source on Wednesday, 24th November @ 12:30AM.

Covid-19 NAAT test conducted on Friday, 19th November, 9:30AM. Negative test result received on Saturday, 20th November.

To me, it seems like this is fine since it’s within 3 “working days” of 24th November. But I just wanted to confirm.

That looks correct to me. The only thing might be if there are any local holidays that could push the date back even further (in your favor).

Taiwan does not count weekends. My test was a Friday before my Tuesday flight. Results came Monday morning. No problem at either end.

Have a good trip.

Just FYI, rules have changed for the Chinese New Year period to be 3 calendar days, not 3 business days. This means weekends do count.