Flying to Taiwan to secure ESL position/ which visa(s)?

I apologize in advance because I suspect I’m duplicating a thread that already covers the information I’m looking for, but the key words I used for my search yielded some 700+ results and I didn’t have the patience to thumb through more than 10 pages of them.

I’ve been applying for English teaching positions online for the past several weeks, but the majority of follow-up inquiries take it for granted that I am already in Taipei, despite my having clearly indicated otherwise on my CV. In actuality, I am still in Canada, and I can’t help but feel disadvantaged by this, so I am considering flying to Taiwan so that I can accept interviews in person. Right now I’m conveniently located near the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Ottawa. Would the best strategy, in that case, be to apply for a visitor visa at the office, fly to Taipei and secure a job there, before finally applying for the ARC with the support of my employer? I also believe I read something to the effect of visitor visas being rejected if the applicant has not purchased a return air ticket?

Are there any others who have been in roughly the same situation, particularly those from Canada?

Thanks in advance.