Flying to Taiwan with my cat (airlines)

I have everything in order for my move to Taiwan as far as the import permit, vaccinations, etc, but my question is for those of you who have flown with a cat to Taiwan. Were you able to carry the cat in the cabin or were you required to check him as cargo? Also, any recommendations for airlines that are pet-friendly when moving to Taiwan?

Didn’t fly yet, but since it might happen I did read about it.

From my reading I got two conclusions:

  1. Depends on the airlines - some doesn’t let the pet fly inside the cabin at all
  2. Allowed carrier size… most of them is not big, and from my calculations it seemed like my cat would not make it. As the regulation also says the animal should be able to stand in the carrier… adult cat wouldn’t be able to fit this requirement. But I can’t find the link to it now. But check on the airlines website.

Good luck!

Animals go as cargo. Most airlines are very pet friendly due to potential liability.