FOB with CELTA+experience

Hello all,

Firstly I apologise if what I write here is similar to what people have asked in the past… I have trawled through the (very useful) past posts but haven’t found anything that answers my specific questions,

In any case, I’m heading to Taipei at the beginning of July, I’m new to Taiwan but I have been teaching English (mostly business English to adults, but also some kids) in Israel for the past 3 years and I have a CELTA certificate that I studied for in London. I have been looking through tealit etc. but haven’t lined myself up any interviews yet… So my questions are…

  1. Does my experience and CELTA put me in a relatively good position in the heavily complained about job market?

and if so…

  1. Can anyone recommend any places that only really take CELTA certified teachers or teachers with experience? Hopefully these places should be a bit more reputable and would give me a reasonable amount of hours?
  2. What kind of hourly pay should I be pushing for?
  3. I love kids and have great fun teaching them, but are there many (any?) opportunities for teaching business English to adults? If so, where? I’ll take anything I can get to start with I’m just testing the waters here…!!

Thank you v much, feel free to link in any relevant posts I haven’t found!


British Council.

Edit: your experience needs tobe post-CELTA.

The market here is oversaturated with teachers. Three years of experience really isn’t a lot these days. Also, to be brutally honest, most schools don’t have a clue what CELTA even is and couldn’t care less if you have it. Don’t expect more per hour because of your CELTA, especially outside of Taipei. Standard pay is around $550 to $650 per hour. Some schools will pay more than that, such as my own, but you need to prove that you are worth it.

[quote=“Ermintrude”]British Council.

Edit: your experience needs tobe post-CELTA.[/quote]

Or get some exam teaching experience and try places like CES or UKEAS. Quality outfits.