Focus Group - Mothers with young children [Paid]

Hello all, I’m an MBA student from New Zealand who will be visiting Taiwan with 3 colleagues from the 11th of August looking to help a New Zealand company grow sales in Taiwan. As part of this we’re looking for a focus group for 1 hour in Taipei. This would ideally be for mothers with young children who are interested in healthy snack options for themselves and their children. As part of this we would offer a small payment to cover travel and time.

Is this something Forumosa users would participate in? Would need to be sometime between the 11th and 15th of August, any time of day OK.

How old should the children be to be considered young?

No father?

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Updated to reply below

We’re looking for whoever does the shopping for the household, which we assumed to be the mothers - my apologies if this was an incorrect assumption.

We’re looking for between for around 5, but anything between 2 and 10 is ok too, thank you!

Mom should go with kids or by themselves?
Your targets are expat families or locals are included?

Either mums by themselves or with kids is fine, we are looking for the mums opinions but would be good to get the kids input too. We’re looking for locals, not expats. Thank you!

It would be nice if they spoke english, but we can arrange for a translator if this is an issue.

Don’t forget to bring the Buzzy Bees!

Hello there,

To clarify what we are looking for:

We are looking for 6-8 young mothers to participate in a focus group located in Taipei.
The participants would need to be on at least a medium-high household income, speak English and have children under the age of 10. For their time we will pay $1000 Taiwanese dollars each.

Are there any takers for this or someone who could arrange this? We can pay a fee per participant if someone is able to organise this to happen for us.

Thank you


How old should the mothers be to be considered young?

25-45 is ok, thank you