Followed a drunk waiting for him to crash, didn't wait long

It drives me f#cking mad to read this stuff. F#cking useless police w#nkers.

Alright, I just sent a link to this thread to the Taipei times, and the China Post. With the title “Foreigners help motorists while police stand around doing nothing” . If I were Taiwanese that story would interest me.

Nice pic Llary. I’d of nicked his wallet though. And maybe his shoes.


Maybe you live in Taipei…I hear the police there are a bit better than the rest of the island. Either way…your examples are still in the minority.[/quote]

You heard wrong brother, they r useless fucksticks here as well. Being a cop in Taiwan means making a career out of dog fucking and finding creative ways not to do your job.

I have met many nice cops but they were still all lazy shit bags.