Fongyuan area pubs?

Hi all,

I’m living in a lil town called Dungshr, bout an hour north of Taichung but much closer to Fongyuan. We have absolutely no publife in our town an a small drink after work would be amazin, was wondering if there was anywhere to go in Fongyuan?? Or there round abouts.

Thanx :slight_smile:

Not that I know of. I’ll be in the Tungshih/Fongyuan area for a few weeks this spring. I’ll ask the in-laws if they know of any.

If you’re still there, lemme know.

In the 90’s I used to hang at a few … now I’m in Taichung … so I’d have to call some old buddies or go looking myself.

Happy to do it though.

And I know Dongshr.