Fonts for first graders

I’d like to create a writing/tracing activity for first graders by changing the font color to light gray. However, I’ve been finding it extremely difficult to find the perfect font. There always seems to be at least one stroke missing or a letter may have some quirk in it. I’m starting to realize that my perfect font isn’t everybody’s perfect font, however there must be a very good, free font out there. Do you have any suggestions.

My personal requirements are:
a single story lower case a
a capital J that has the stroke at the top
a hooked lower case t that also only goes up 75% of the way (roughly)
a capital B with a small top and big bottom
a dotted lower case i
a capital l that has the foot stroke
a lower case y that is slanted
a upper case y that is upright/straight

I’ve found a few that are close, but none of them are exactly right.

It’s not exactly what you want, but I used Avian to teach my kids.

It is quite close, except for the capital J, I and Q as well as the small t. I actually believe that exposing kids to different fonts is a good thing, but I’m not the one who calls the shots. I’ve found Print Clearly to be one of the best, except for its lower case c. Thank you kindly for your suggestion.

Century Gothic is pretty close, except for any kind of serifs on the caps…

I’ve been teaching my son (almost 6) to write, and found the best thing for him is to copy my handwritten example. The typewritten fonts are too “perfect” and a real challenge for him to trace or replicate. Could you use lined paper and just write on it and photocopy the number of copies you need?