Food & Computers

I am aware of the damage liquids can cause if they are spilled onto computers but a cooked rice grain has slipped between the H and J keys of my laptop keyboard. Will the gradual decomposition of this rice grain have any negative long-term impact on my computer’s ability to function?


It shouldn’t since the MB isn’t right under the KB, however just to be sure, backup all your valuable data and take your laptop somewhere you trust and remove the rice piece.

Well, since it fell between the H and J key I think this has to be taken seriously and requires immediate attention! Put the laptop into the washing machine (disconnect the power first - of the laptop, not the washing machine of course) and tumble-dry afterwards at highest temperature to kill any germs the rice grain may have left behind.
If you do not take care of this soon you risk that vegetation will start to grow and prevent you from pushing the keys down.

Next time buy an Asus, they are rice grain resistant.

Nay … the raoches will take care of it when you put it in the kitchen a couple of days … :laughing:

Let it dry out, and then shake it out. Heck, I don’t even want to know what is in my keyboard since I virtually do eveything around it except have sex. :noway: :wink:

How about hoovering it? Worked for my laptop once, but promised myself never to do it again

For some people it’s about the ONLY thing they use computers for :unamused:

Actually, my laptops I have owned, the keys just clip in so they can be pinged off and underneath can be cleaned.

Don’t quote me on the pinging technique tho…