Food festival

I cannot really express what a disappointment it was.

I have but one phrase “rip-off.”

Three hundred to get in, and then each restaurant had the temerity to charge between NT$60-150 for samples.


We were conned into being advertised to. Absolute bullshit.

Heineken, I will never drink another, had the gall to charge NT$100 a bottle. They had the biggest stall and obviously had made a huge investment, but the same bottle costs NT$47 retail. Hello Heiniken!!! It’s a fair you dummies.

Same goes for Lipton. Who were charging NT$30 for an iced-tea. Not a bottle, they only cost NT$20 at 7-11, but for a small cup packed with ice.


Unbelievably immoral to draw fair goers with the enticement of being able to sample International Food, but then only to charge us, restaurant prices-given the size of the portions and the price-120 for a bowl of soup :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: , for their food.


[quote=“Alleycat”]I cannot really express what a disappointment it was.

I have but one phrase “rip-off.”[/quote]

I ended up spending NT$1,000+. If I had a meal, with wine, at most of the restaurants at the show (Le Jardin, Abu’s, etc.), I’d spend NT$500+. At the show, I tried food from ten restaurants (Salsa Bistro, yum yum) and sampled a dozen+ wines. I chatted with some chefs and was given huge portions of food and more than a few glasses (as opposed to the plastic thumb-sized cups) of wine. I also saw a few cooking shows and talked to one man who was giving seminars on wine - interesting stuff. When I left, I was completely stuffed and in no further need of alcohol, so at least in my case, the show was an okay deal. That said, I can see why a lot of people would find it a ripoff, especially if they don’t drink alcohol or were there only for a few hours.

Yes, NT$100 for a Heineken seems a bit ludicrous. On the other hand, if it were only NT$47, people would have stayed at their tables all days to get hammered and I’d never have gotten a seat. And those buying three Heinkens received a pewter lighter shaped like a set of bongo drums – surely, you got yours Alleycat?

First I’ve heard of it.

Must say I’m glad I didn’t go.


Two other goods things about the food festival: The jazz was good and, unlike the computer show next door, I didn’t get bumped by anybody. Unfortunately, since the place was only half full (great for me, but not for the organizers), it’ll hamper efforts to hold another show.

I have to say that I was very disappointed with the false advertising as well. The advertisements (neither the pamphlet nor the newspaper review) never mentioned about the additional charge on the food once you get in. There was only so much wine tasting you could do as well. Not to mention that they give you one tablespoon of wine in the mini paper cup to taste… :frowning: