Food Groups

Vanilla Ice. :sunglasses:

Cut like a ninja, slice like a razor blade…

Strawberry Switchblade
Humble Pie
Sade (what, you wouldn’t eat her?)
Moby Grape
The Patridge Family
Sweet Honey in the Rock
Smashing Pumpkins
Blind Lemon Jefferson
Hot Chocolate
Lieutenant Pigeon
Atomic Rooster
Grateful Dead (are we allowed cannibalism?)
The Soup Dragons
Super Furry Animals
Adam and the Ants
Dur(i)an Dur(i)an
The Flaming Lips (if you’ve ever eaten at McDonald’s you’ve eaten lips. Trust me.)
Charley Musselthwaite[/b]
Blind Melon

The Strawbs
Cat Stevens (prepared nine ways…)

Talking Heads

You can’t eat seagulls. Lose a point. And Nina Cherry’s a porn star
You mean Neneh Cherry. Lose another point, heh! heh!
But you gave me her dad, so

Don Cherry
Blood, Sweat and Tears
The Meat Puppets
The Flying Burrito Brothers
New Riders of the Purple Sage
The Sugarcubes
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Limp Bizkit
Salt n’ Pepa
Vinegar Joe
Country Joe and the Fish
T-Bone Walker
Sticky Rice
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds


A Taste of Honey

The Strawberry Alarm Clock

Peaches and Herb


Crystal Waters

The Stray Cats

Toe Save, I must say I’m pretty impressed with your matches. Don’t know if can add many more, so I’ll just try a few New Zealand ones (bearing in mind that I’ve been out of touch with the scene there for 5 years or so).

Headless Chickens
Bressa Creeting Cake
Letterbok Lambs
The Bats
The Muttonbirds
Herbs (although when they chose the name I don’ think they meant the kind you EAT)

That’s all I can think of.


Ultimate Spinach

They’re too oily and they taste absolutely foul. Eggs aren’t bad, though. Crows don’t taste too good either unless you shoot the babies off the branches before they’re fledged. Delicious but a pain in the arse to prepare.

And Sir Donald, only Ozzy Osbourse eats bats (although I’ve heard that fruitbats are pretty good).

Since you got Iggy Pop, can I add Popstars and Pop Will Eat Itself? And Stone the Crows?

OK OK, ENOUGH already!

Sandman, you certainly have an adventurous palate. :shock:

Bill Monroe and the BLUE GRASS boys
Muddy WATERs
BONEy James hehehe
The DARLINs - - - - sorry
David PEEL and the Lower East Side. - Ya, I’m an old guy
Deberah Cox - - - ya, I know. Sorry again
FATs Domino
FATs Waller
Garth BROOKs
GIN BLOSSOMS - - - -hey! I get 2 for that one
Glen CAMPBELL (SOUP) - - OK, Never mind
JingleCATS - Does that count twice what with Hepcat already posted?
Johnny RIVERs - - - I told you I was old
Justin TIMBERLAKE - - - 2 again? ie timber and lake?
Howlin’ WOLF
Nickle CREEK
Nitty Gritty DIRT band
PEACHES and HERB - - I definately want 2 for that one
Red PETERs - Ok, I’m sorry once more
Ronnie DOVE - Oh, how he was great in 9th grade

Josie and the Pussycats
The Monkeys
Lion(el) Richie (Hey, you allowed Banana[rama])!
Beet(hoven) (See above)
Tangerine Dream
The Aardvarks
Berry Manilow (just kidding)

JEFFerson Airplane (as in, “Eat Me” :laughing: )

Enigma: Since when can you eat a river or a creek?

The Rainbirds … ED003053A3

wolf_reinhold wrote:
Enigma: Since when can you eat a river or a creek?
Toe save wrote back:
You can drink from them…so they count.

So I suppose Air Supply qualifies since you can eat air.
It is your thread, but one would reasonable assume that the band name must include something that you can consume, like water. You can’t consume a river.

And likewise, The Spoons must count? Please!

Without having to resort to inedible animals and dirty creeks, here’s two I thought of:

Lambchop (only know one of their songs, but it’s a beauty - Life’s Little Tragedy - with lyric like "There’s some spit ont he ceiling/ Pretty soon it’s going to fall/ In the bed where you lay)

Sticky Rice - Taiwan’s very own - speaking of which did anyone mention…