Food in Taiwan causing watery stool

Since I’ve been in Taiwan I’ve noticed that when I eat sometimes(maybe around half of the time) I’ll be needing to go to the toilet not long after eating. This happens a lot if I eat Taiwanese/Korean/Chinese food at a restaurant which I don’t eat much anyway and even after I eat subway. I haven’t noticed it happening after I go to places like Sushi Express or Yoshinoya. It’s always quite watery as well when I go and it can happen quite quickly too and if I don’t go soon after feeling the urge. Anyway sorry about the details. To give some details about me I’m 27, male and in good health. I use to live in Korea but I never had the problem there.

My concern is I’m wondering if this is bad for my health to be eating food that’s doing this to me? If yes, how bad is it? Also why is this happening? Is it an allergic reaction or something?


Been there done that and have the t-shirt and dirty underwear to prove it.

I find that the coke from fountains at Subway and Costco are my biggest problem. If you eat at a Taiwanese or Korean place, then it might be the soup. Sanitary food prep and cleanliness aren’t strong issues for this chabuduo culture at the best of times.