Food inflation, local trend or worldwide?

Wholesale 3 bananas, 2-5nt hehe. Its good to be a middle man. Bad to be a producer or consumer :wink:

Was going to show you prices at acanadian based Wal-Mart, but they said NO to my foreign IP afddress. Forget it…

I get that page a lot looking at a whole lot of pages. Have more and more sites started limiting themselves to certain geographic area? Why do that? Are they afraid of russian hackers or something?

Even something as mundane as trying to find out how much electricity costs in California, by looking at their utility provider, their site do not accept connections outside of the US at all.

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FAFSA was giving me that. I just used a VPN that is notable for not tracking user data. One hopes, since you need to fill out your SSN. Forgot to turn it off and pulled up Netflix…got a warning about a log-in from California.

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On a more local level the heavy rains hit farmers in north Pingtung County very hard. A lot of crops were damaged or lost.

Because they don’t want to bother complying with GDPR.

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At least they have some water now.

I’m going to continue dumping prices in here as I continue to struggle to understand how locals could earn an ordinary Taiwanese wage and afford to eat fresh vegetables, fruits and a mix of fish/animal proteins at local prices.

The smallest whole mullet today at the markets. 150NTD.

How does mullet taste like?

Haven’t cooked it yet! Nearly always good here though, always fresh.

I don’t know I find hair to be rather indigestible… so maybe your experience is different?

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That’s for an entire family, add two or three bowls of rice and you’re filled up.

That sucks. Many areas in the west got damages :frowning: luckily many are heavily subsidized and they tend to still get paid something.

I have seen few places that get as heavy a rainfall as around the maolin scenic area. Its no joke. We have measured over 2m aday countless times. An 2m was just due to our maximum capacity, it was actually more. That kind of rain is hard to comprehend.

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In mountainous areas, you really need to be careful with that amount of rain. Entire mountainsides can come crashing down, as folks in Kaohsiung tragically experienced during Morakot. . . : (


Lots of people live at their family members home whuch saves a lot. Its also why people eat out the lot because many local eareries are very cheap. Quality is also often very hit or miss.

Ya no joke. We were there during that and helping the rescue those days and nights. Few times have i been actually scared by the weather. We had a solid 3 days of non stop, over 2m/day rains during 8/8 and some days of 1m plus. Seriously amazing.

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I find for one person, if you are eating Taiwanese food you really don’t save much cooking at home. In fact sometimes you end up spending more cooking at home. For a family the equation is probably different, but for one person unless you are willing to sacrifice quality you really do end up spending money eating out. I’m not sure how restaurants make money sometimes… I know there’s wholesale price and all that but still…


Its not a popular thing to say, but most restaraunts buy really low quality ingredients. Its not a secret, but we all like to pretend it isnt true because we just want to enjoy a night out and forget about our health sometimes. Which is fair. But we shouldnt kid ourselves in thinking the 50nt fried rice is healthy cause they put a bit more cabbage than their neighbour does…denial rarely is a good thing.

I agree, cooking at home is almost always more expensive than eating out at cheaper places. But if you think of money spent on your health as an investment, it is a worth while expendature. Probably the MOST important in fact.


Not just them, I lived in an area where 100m from my door the whole mountain came down, killed 5 people, overflowed the local community swimming pool, the mud drifted like about 800m down the mountain. And it was not steep, just that uphill the whole mountain side was farmed.

Yea, you know that’s one thing that kept me from wanting to live in the mountains even though it will be much less hot in the summer. Typhoons will make it a deathtrap. Or imagine being cut off for weeks with no water or electricity since they certainly aren’t going to prioritize some mountain holdouts when it comes to fixing infrastructure. And the only road in or out of the community is washed off and so nothing comes during all that time. I guess you could hunt boars in the meantime (you can kill those with near impunity as far as the law is concerned, they are pests), except with guns being illegal in Taiwan you really do not want to tangle with boars. They can be really hard to kill and are aggressive. At least in the US you could use those AR15 baby killing machines with evil 30 round magazines that works real well with feral boars.

My guy at the markets, said no deliveries again today. Does duanwujie normally go on this long ?