Food inflation, local trend or worldwide?

Chickens will soon be illegal if the WEF crowd have anything to do with it. You’ll eat bugs and you’ll be happy.

Well, if the stray cats start going missing… then you know what that “chicken” was…

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Cats are a substitute for rabbit, not chicken.

If Nicole Kidman can eat bugs, you can too.

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Yes. Maybe there are less rats in Taichung now?

so uninflated it’s just used for compost, fungi production etc Haha.

a good example of a Taiwan price gouge. nothing new, middlemen here do this all the time. but this price is astonishing crossing over the offensive barrier.

don’t have a pic, but 6 months ago in pingdong it is about $180nt (already a gouge).

From my observations in England there are very few people who would suffer from eating a bit less for a while.

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from the food waste, I would say the same about buying less.

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I’m in Canada for the first time since the plague started.

The food inflation in Vancouver is insane.


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snap some pics sometime if its convenient.

it’s interesting how Canada works. I feel it’s always either normal or a gouge. the inflation in Canada seems nearly synonymous with gouging sometimes. at least food can logically be inflated due to lack of local production.

I do often wonder why more canadians don’t start pondering the issue of the $0.99 Chinese garlic vs the $11.99 Canadian versions. as an example. it ain’t all climate in those prices. #everychildmatters!

In the States now, restaurant prices have nearly doubled since I was last here at the end of ‘19. Entertainment and alcohol as well has had a steep increase. Clothing and groceries have went up as well, but still much more cheaper than Taiwan. Gas is ridiculous, my last receipt for gas in ‘19 was at $1.99/gallon, now it is at $4.59/gallon. The high gas prices aren’t nice considering how much I drive while here.

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Recently spotted on a sidewalk sign on the west side (i.e. rich people side) of Vancouver: Lunch Special, CAN$21.

Iced Vietnamese coffee at a local joint in the east side (i.e. normal people side) of Vancouver: CAN$5.50 plus tax, so over CAN$6!!! That’s more like hipster coffee pricing than quick takeout bang from a Vietnamese banh mi joint (which, I underline, is take out only, and not hipsterlike in the least).

The only saving grace for me is how strong the NTD is in relation to the CAD. Otherwise, yikes!



Zero cost input, why don’t we start a business pressing the bran into oil? There must be a reason why people aren’t doing this already.

Interesting, they choose this cheese!

In Estonia now, they sell bear in can. (Like Japan!), so WEF still a long way from preventing Chicken sales.


It’s kind of weird that I don’t have much food waste, if I could compost I would have none.

There was a dioxin, PCB in rice bran oil scare a long time ago. I use Italian rice bran for much of my cooking, olive oil too. Other oils in salad. Canola for deep frying.

Ah, but they’re only selling bear because cows and pigs cause climate change. No tinned ham for you, you climate-destroying hooligan!

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All hope is lost!!! Don’t worry guys, Ekselence Ice Cream is still 52.5 TWD a piece according to the following: The Ekselent Thread About Ekselence Ice Cream - #209 by Incubus

3 of those a day should meet your dietary requirements!!!


You’d want to get that SGS certification, especially if it was free. But once you start making money, I’m going to guess word travels and the rice bran will no longer be free. Still it’s a byproduct, so I’m surprised there’s not a homegrown rice bran oil operation. The bigger industrial extractors seem to be predominantly made in China.

I just need some factory space, and a money counting machine. Homer Simpson was right, it is all about the grease.

Something like this: